Digital Tools and Visual Storytelling, new instruments for communication

Digital Tools and Visual Storytelling, new instruments for communication

The training course “DTVS: Digital Tools and Visual Storytelling, new instruments for

communication” takes place in Nicosia, is inspired by the need to

create better conditions through which young people can enter the world of work through

the right skills.

The context in which the training course takes on functionality is that dictated by the

priorities of the key action KA1 of program Erasmus+ which in its 2020 guide explains: “for

equipping youth workers with competences and methods for their professional

development, including for digital youth work”.

The problem of unemployment, after the various analyses carried out, is one of the most

urgent to be solved, therefore equipping the Youth Workers with skills concerning the

digital world will give them the opportunity to realize themselves in the immediate future.

Nowadays the world of work, in most fields of application, is focused on everything related

to digital development skills including the ability to communicate one’s work through social

media and visual storytelling to attract more users interested in their own services and be

efficient in presenting your brand and be recognizable.

The training course therefore has to interface with the problem of unemployment and

overcome it through actions and activities, carried out through non-formal methodologies,

which can help the Youth Workers and some of the points of interest on which the project is

based are among others:

  • equip the participants with the required knowledge to use LinkedIn/Twitter in a

professional way;

  • provide digital tools to young unemployed and youth workers to increase their

working opportunities;

  • teach to the participants the basics of Social Media communication and visual


  • increase the public speaking skills of the participants;

The youngsters participating in the project come from: Cyprus, Spain,Portugal , Romania, Russia and Egypt, and are aged between 18 and 30 and during the activities they will always be divided into mixed groups by gender and nationality to better allow the exchange cultural.

The activities created specifically based on the project theme are all based on the non-formal learning methodology. The driving concept of each activity is to encourage the increase and new knowledge of skills related to the digital world, whether the activities are indoor or outdoor.

Thanks to the training course and non-formal learning methods, participants will have an

impact on their personal life and also on their professional life, the increase of knowledge

there will form for immediate entry into the job market, the results that will be first achieved in

the short term are:

  • the expertise to manage and use the LinkedIn platform in a professional manner to

attract job opportunities;

  • the creation of a toolkit, which will be uploaded online, for the dissemination of the

project contents;

  • the creation of videos and photos content resulting from outdoor activities in a

professional way that will increase their CV;

the training therefore gives Youth Workers and NGOs the opportunity to be efficient in digital

communication for the world of work through the main areas such as: visual (through visual

storytelling and video making activities) and online communication (through activities on

social media );

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Coordinator: Dione (Cyprus)