Project Management:
Skills for Youth Workers

Project Management: Skills for Youth Workers

The project “Project Management: Skills for Youth Workers” will last 10 months. The main activity of the project will take place in Paphos between 05/06/2021-11/06/2021. “Project Management: Skills for Youth Workers” is a project on how to create successful Erasmus+ Projects and how to use non-formal education to improve the educational and management skills of the Youth Workers. The project has the goal to provide knowledge and skills on the whole Project Cycle Management of an Erasmus+ Project, giving to the Youth Workers the possibility to create and submit high quality projects that will have a higher chance to be approved and a bigger impact on our communities. 

Furthemore the said young people that will be trained on how to undertake logistics of a proposed project that might have a very high degree of approval is by itself is a tool not only for his network of friends/associates/community .Such projects tend to allow for a certain liberation from a monotony of less opportunities not only for the individual but also insofar as hopes and prospects are concerned. In a sense the value of writing a project has a substantial value as in and of itself as a goal, but the main feature that underlies any and all such projects is primarily the creation of hope and the creation of an opportunity to widen one’s horizons and skills.

And here where the European values and opportunities lie, because it affect the base for creating a wider network. It offers mobility ,and it offers ways for individuals/localities  to get integrated and interconnected with other people from allover the Europe. 


The general objectives of the project are: 


– to provide YW with knowledges and skills on how to write an Erasmus+ Project 

– to provide YW with knowledges and skills on how to use non-formal education

 – to increase in the participant the positive perception of the values of European Union

 – to create a net of partners working on submitting at least 3 E+ projects

The project “Project Management: Skills for Youth Workers” involves in the mobility of youth workers 30 participants  from 6 countries: 









Each partner will have 5 participants including 2 with fewer opportunities

The participants are Youth Workers working with NGOs or municipalities interested into presenting Erasmus+ Projects in their local communities. 


The activities of the projects are the following: schools visits and needs analyses, project cycle management sessions, how to do a problem tree, how to create a net of reliable partners, SWOT analyses and GANTT charts, practical sessions on how to create an E+ project, non-formal education debates and role-play.



In this very specific project the way it is stated and drafted the expected results are paraphrased as the objectives of the project which are as following:


– drafting and online publication of an operational booklet with information on how to design and write a European youth exchange project or training course, with the following sessions: 

– project cycle management – partnership organization – activities and participants – risks – budget – dissemination and follow-up – non – formal education 

– drafting of 3 project ideas that will be submitted in the next call to action, in 3 different countries of the European Union 

– drafting of an information sheet with the greatest opportunities provided by the European Union in terms of funds for mobility and development 

– organization of 12 job shadowing sessions in partner countries  

– creation of 15 online and paper articles that will describe the implementation of the project 

– organization of 2 meetings in a school to discuss needs and to inform the students about 

the E+ opportunities 




After the project the Youth Workers will be able to: 

– create and manage an Erasmus+ Project 

– create and manage a net of partners 

– create a and work in team with people from different countries and background 

– increase the positive perception of the European Union and the National Youth Agency 

– Increase the level of trust of the YW participating in a E+ project 

– share their new competences to youngsters through non-formal education 

On a long term period the participants will be able to write new projects on any kind of topic as art, unemployment or entrepreneurship thanks to the understanding of the design thinking dynamics. 

In conclusion, the project has a strong impact on both participant Youth Workers, able to improve their skills on how to manage and Erasmus+ Project and how to use non-formal education, and local communities of the partner countries, which will be active part of the 3 E+ projects that will be created during the sessions of “Project Management: Skills for Youth Workers”



5 students from OPSHTINSKO SREDNO MEDICINSKO UCHILISHTE D-R JOVAN KALAUZI BITOLA VET school from North Macedonia will have the change to have an internship in a European country. The course will have a duration of three weeks and it will take place in Paphos, in the Republic of Cyprus.  The hosting companies/bodies will be Royal Artemis Medical Center The role of intermidiate organization will be assigned Dione Youth Organization an experience NGO in Erasmus+. 


Description of planned activities 


Activities will be divided in two parts. That of the physiotherapy group and that of the nursing. Both groups will have a hands on applied practice in hospital settings (respective groups will get to undergo primary orientation and /or some basic lectures before embarking on the setting of applied practice). The students will work approximately 7 hours per day 5 days a week and during the weekends there will be cultural activities


Key general objectives  for both groups

– To develop teamwork, communication and problem solving 

  1. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing, to the users of the healthcare system, as well as to other healthcare professionals.
  2. Ability to work in professional teams and in collaboration with staff from professional healthcare organisations that are structured as basic or multidisciplinary units.

3.Expanding of present abilities, knowledges, skills for both groups in a transnational project

  1. Ability to apply ethical and legal principles to the practice of the profession.
  2. Command of spoken and written language. In this project language that will be used is English. The medical practice in the Republic of Cyprus tense to use all protocols in the medical field in English
  3. Command/ Expanding the ability to work effectivelly in a country other than once one. 
  4. Command of IT skills that are neccesary and integral and/or related to respective fields of study.
  5. Respect for the fundamental rights of equality between men and women, the promotion of human rights and values of a culture of peace and democratic values.
Project No.  


Coordinator: Dione (Cyprus)