Game over - Seminar on gambling addictions 2.0

“Game over – Seminar on gambling addictions 2.0” is a project that was developed between February 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019 and that has been part of the strategy of prevention of addictive behaviors that the entity is developing since its youth and associative development department. In this sense, the ASPAYM Castilla y León Foundation has been working on the prevention of addictive behaviors in young people, including those linked to gambling with gambling.

The ASPAYM Castilla y León Foundation participates in European seminars and courses to offer young people in the region more opportunities, both in their current leisure and in their future development. Following this line of work, the project “Game over – Seminar on gambling addictions 2.0”, has made known to workers and / or youth leaders the problem with gambling, as well as the necessary tools to detect addictive behaviors and more significant prevention and intervention methods carried out to date with young people, especially with young people with fewer opportunities (disability, migrants, social exclusion … etc).
The objectives that have been pursued have been the following:
• Stimulate a space for reflection and research about gambling addiction that allows establishing tools and socio-educational actions aimed at preventing these disorders.
• Investigate the sociodemographic, cultural and psychological variables of the countries of origin of the collaborating entities to establish a report with international data on the prevalence of these addictions.
• Create action guidelines aimed at preventing these addictions.
• Design motivational strategies with the aim of attracting treatment to young people who minimize or deny their addiction.
• Design prevention strategies for adolescents and their families.
• Identify common points between the countries / contexts of the participants and propose common lines of action to achieve legislation and legal measures that promote a healthy form of play.
• Determine action measures from the educational environment and from the work of youth leaders.
The main activity of this project has been a seminar on the analysis of the impact of gambling on young people that took place from June 3 to 7, 2019 in the Cubillos del Sil town of Leon. It has involved workers and / or youth leaders of each partner entity in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus and Ireland. As for the activities that have been worked on during the seminar, it has been based on establishing a logical content, starting by defining what is addiction to the game and what are the characteristics of these disorders, types of players, phases of the game, risk factors or epidemiology among others, until establishing proposals for action to prevent this disorder in young people. The methodology chosen to develop this project is participatory and dynamic.
The impact that has been reflected in this seminar will be related to the prevention proposals that are made thanks to the work done during the days of the project. In this sense, we want to increase in number and quality the socio-educational activities aimed at young people, with special attention to the group of young people with fewer opportunities, in order to offer them alternatives and, thus, reduce the number of young people addicted to gambling .
As for the community, a greater knowledge of gambling gambling addiction has been favored to prevent this type of addictive behavior, generating tools for workers and youth leaders that allow them to prevent this type of addiction. It has also been informed about the Erasmus + program and the possibilities it offers, both to young people and to society as a whole, and to its role in responding to the needs of youth in our territory.

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 Coordinator: ASPAYM Castilla y León (Spain)