Alternative Economy for Sustainability

The project AES – Alternative Economy for Sustainability aims to provide youth workers with

the basis of a green economy to develop activities on environmental awareness for young



One of the main themes of the project is circular economy: YW will learn how the

cycle of the objects work and they will be trained on how to apply fundamental rules of

circular economy in daily life. 


The training will also provide YW with the tools and methods to

share the acquired knowledge with youngsters. This will improve the ability of the YW to

raise awareness on sustainability in their local areas.


The project’s objectives are: to equip youth workers with the knowledge and skills needed to

promote environmental sustainability, to increase the know-how of the YW in order to to

raise awareness on green economy and circular economy in their local areas, to improve

YW abilities in creating activities on sustainability feasible for young people.

Project No.  


Coordinator : DIONE (CYPRUS)