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Any young person aged 18-35 who has not been convicted of any criminal offenses could contact us and apply to join us as a member. The acceptance of the members is based on criteria that are defined by the Board of our organization.
Who eligible to join our Erasmus+ projects and other local events in Cyprus?
For the Erasmus+ projects we give priority to our members, associates, volunteers but also anyone who is eligible and is willing to assist with youth work. We are very open and welcome young people that have an interest in culture, arts and European spirit. The majority of our local events are open to the public at large. Therefore joining Dione is a very easy process.

Erasmus+ is the European programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2021-2027. It provides grants for a wide range of actions including the opportunity for students to undertake work placements abroad and for teachers and education staff to attend training courses. Erasmus+ key action 1 provides a unique opportunity for teachers, headmasters, trainers and other staff of education institutions to participate in international training courses in different European countries. The staff home institution shall apply to receive the grant to send its staff members abroad for training. You can find more info in the EACEA website, in your Erasmus+ National Agency website and in the Erasmus+ Programme guide.

​NGO’S, Schools, vocational education and training and adult education organizations are all eligible to receive full funding to attend our courses under a KA1 mobility grant. Teachers, trainers, headmaster and any other staff members can be sent abroad to attend structured courses and training events such as the ones that we are organizing. The aforementioned organizations plus companies are eligible for KA2 projects but we suggest you to visit the National Agency of your country to check the eligibility of your organization for each specific subcategory.


Does citizenship play a role in eligibility for Erasmus funding?

All traditionally enrolled students or members of organizations  can participate in Erasmus+ regardless of their citizenship. Non EU-citizens should make sure procure a work and/or residency permit as soon as possible.

The same policy applies for Dione organization and its events

If you need more information about Erasmus+ we recommend you contact your Erasmus+ National Agency. For any question about our courses, for any proposed partnership or to get support please feel welcome to contact us.



Partnerships with other European and local organizations

Any organization interested for partnership may contact the head of the department of Erasmus+ and Events Mr. Iraklis Pattas at

[email protected]