Be a social entrepreneur


Facing the complex situation of the excluded youth, youth organisations need to increase the capacities to operate on a high quality level, responding systematically
and collaboratively to the needs. Youth workers needs to be supported to be able to identify the most important needs of their target groups through comprehensive analysis, and respond to them by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating these targeted programmes based on the most effective best practices and methodologies. Being a social entrepreneur presupposes the ability to visualize one’s social activities as a business activity centered on social needs. It means keeping the impact on the target community in high regard and being able to innovate for the good of society. It is necessary to provide concrete tools for the youth workers to make their daily work with marginalized youth increasingly effective and professional. Be A Social Entrepreneur stems from the need on the part of the partner organizations, to acquire greater skills in two specific aspects of elaboration of a project for marginalized youth:
– The project planning: improving the capacity to prevent risks and to identify real needs and concrete objectives;
– Dissemination: to prolong the impact and make projects a real source of innovation for inclusion of the marginalized youth.

– to Improve the quality and sustainability of the interventions of the youth organizations in their work with marginalized youth in order to facilitate the achievement of the desired impact and to maximize and multiply the learning outcomes.

The SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE of the Project is:
– to increase and improve the competences of youth and community workers in planning and delivering high quality projects and programs in their work with
excluded youth.

Regarding this specific Key Action, the project is designed:
– to support the professional development of those who work in education, training and youth with a view to innovating and improving the quality of teaching, training and youth work across Europe;
– to increase the capacities, attractiveness and international dimension of organizations active in the education, training and youth fields so that they are able to offer activities and programmes that better respond to the needs of individuals, within and outside Europe.


Activity – Training course
Will be implemented one training course as part of BASE, which importance is dictated by the need to provide youth workers with skills that can be easily transferred to their local contexts. The TC will be based on a series of non formal activities, cooperative and peer learning, intercultural learning, role play, experiential and informal learning during intercultural evenings. The methods will respect intercultural differences. The cooperative and peer learning will enhance the value of YW interaction and can help participants to learn effectively offering the opportunity to learn from each other.
Participants will be asked to work in groups by mixing the different nationalities, but some activities will be carried out taking advantage of the national groups.

BASE will involve two profiles of participants:
-Youth workers that are engaged in community work with marginalized youth, refugees, community members and young people;
-Project managers, community leaders, educators, facilitators, social workers, intercultural mediators that are interested to improve their competences for work with marginalized youth.


– Transfer the techniques and methods of conception and formulation of social development projects for excluded young people;
– Refine the collaboration between the project partners in the field of social work with excluded young people;
– better knowledge for the new Erasmus program: 2021 – 2027.

At the end of the Training Course, participants will be able:
– to plan and implement high quality projects for marginalized youth inclusion;
– to share the knowledge about the Erasmus+ Programme and its opportunities for youth cooperation in EU;
– to monitor the impact of the project with social purpose on youth attitudes and practices;
– to encourage youth in the combination of skills and knowledge, sharing of reflection, learning process and collective creation in favor of social inter-generational and intercultural links.

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Coordinator: Cooperazione Senza Frontiere (Italy)