Fourtyfive youngsters from different countries, a travel by mountain bike of two weeks (40 km everyday) from Lecce to Rome, crossing the old Via Appia and from Rome to Firenze, crossing the Via Francigena, only with backpack and sleeping bag. The sustainable tourism encloses alway more also the world of youth, and thanks to the experience in this field, but aslo with Erasmus Plus, of the the involved organisations, has been possibile, evenmore, necessary, to apply for a project that ties sport activity, tourism and social issue.
Despite the title, that reminds the clumsy gestures of a famous character of italian cinema, the project reached  its aim: to link the adventure with civic and social participation and  tracked a new touristic path under the flag of sustainability. Also able to spin up the local economy.

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Coordinator Associazione La Stazione (Italy)