Europe it’s time to GO GREEN INNOVATIVE

Europe it’s time to GO GREEN INNOVATIVE is a multilateral youth exchange that took place with 30 young people and 6 leaders and 2 facilitators (in total 38 participants) from 6 countries ( Spain ,Estonia , Russia, Moldova, Cyprus and Netherlands) in Nicosia, Cyprus between 19/10-26/10 of 2019/Through the spirit of active European citizenship, ” Europe it’s time to GO GREEN INNOVATIVE ” aimed to underline the importance of environmental awareness practices in rural areas by the young participants through creative campaigns conducted using methods of non-formal education and through concrete actions to reduce the negative impact caused of man on the natural environment. 

The main activities of the program were: agreeing and taking as inspiration the spirit of European Citizenship (which included: putting into practice beneficial ideas to society, solidarity between people, care for the environment and stopping pollution) of a good environmental practice, development of concrete collective actions (Europe it’s time to GO GREEN INNOVATIVE ) with positive impact on the natural environment, campaigns for awareness and promoting the best practices in an interactive way using the methods of non-formal education, including local authorities within the group discussions and activities for establishing in the end a medium-term strategy to promote good environmental practices in the area, including young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas of the region both in the organizing team and the dissemination target group. According to all above, ” Europe it’s time to GO GREEN INNOVATIVE “: – Promoted and still promote, with the dissemination plan. the concept of active “European citizenship”, reminding young people values such as solidarity and dialogue, values that they showed both in activities within the group, but also when they interacted with the members of the local community. 

The idea from which the project started was that a good citizen is concerned about the problems facing the community, in this case the green and he actively involved in finding remedies and solutions; The project also developed mutual understanding between young people from different countries and cultures, Europe it’s time to GO GREEN INNOVATIVE Included as well young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas (unemployed, with economic difficulties from isolated areas, with less access to information) as an active part of the project.

Before the main part of the project, the youth exchange of young people, an APV with the participation of the leaders of each partner in this specific project hosted in Cyprus for two days 21/9 /19-22/9/19 in which all the logistical and organizational facts and issues have been discussed for the perfect preparation of the YE.

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Coordinator: Dione (Cyprus)