Hospitality training in Cyprus

This project seeks to send 10 young students from Sredno opshtinsko uchilishte Kole Nehtenin and 2 teachers as accompanying persons for 6 weeks (42 days) +2 days of travelling in Cyprus, for training in 5* hotels.The students specialize for jobs in the hospitality industry. The staff will be acting as assistants and guardians for the safety and well being of the students.

Students will be originally after arrival  introduced with hotels managers and once they settle in their place of accommodation will begin actual practice and work in the hotels of Louis Group of Hotels. Moreover in connection with the staff and hosting organizations will have already in place a detailed plan of work for each student. The plan will be explained in detail to the teachers so that they know in full detail what each and every student will do at any work day. The teachers will be fully informed of all details so that there is nothing they are not aware of. 

It is critical that they are informed of everything at all times.The students then will begin work in their planned schedule. It is where actual learning occurs and takes place. Naturally, some minor issues may come about as it happens but aside from workwise logistical issues that can be managed since these hotel units are highly competent and professional, no other issues and/or problems are expected to arise. Nevertheless the staff will handle any and all issues if any arise. Cultural activities will occur as it is part of the project.The hosting organization (Dione) is very experienced and that will be the easiest part of the equation in this project.

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Coordinator: Sredno opshtinsko uchilishte Kole Nehtenin (North Macedonia)