PIFI: Promote inclusion, fight intolerance!

The TC “PIFI: Promote inclusion, fight intolerance!” has the aim to mitigate the effect of
intolerance, by promoting activities that will increase tolerance among different social
groups. PIFI will equip YW with specific tools and competences to create and manage a set
of activities that will be used by the participants to promote inclusion of migrants in their local

Thanks to PIFI the partner NGOs will improve the capabilities of their staff in order to
efficiently face racism in their communities, thanks to the promotion of values such as
tolerance, respect and understanding of the others among youngsters of their local areas.

The objectives of the TC are:

  • to enlarge the knowledge of Youth Workers on needs and problems of migrants and refugees and encourage active discussions about racism and xenophobia
  • to improve the inclusion of migrants in the local area of the partners of the project
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Coordinator : DIONE (CYPRUS)