Youth sports for breaking cultural barriers and active citizenship


Throughout Europe, thousands of young people are involved in sports, in all disciplines, whether professional, amateur, federated or not. There are therefore a huge number of possibilities to instil in them a social entrepreneurial mindset that leads them to start grassroots integration programmes through sport in their communities.

Thus, the aim of this project is to use sport as a way to connect and strengthen communities, share common values, break cultural and ideological barriers, and ultimately trigger structural and systematic changes to introduce across Europe the development of grassroots programmes that follow the study and development done in this project, led by young people who want to impact the present and future of their communities.



During this project, the consortium will first conduct a good practice survey in order to understand how communities use sports programmes for the integration of migrant or refugee communities, thus understanding what is being done well but also understanding where these programmes are failing.

After this research, the project will develop a curriculum “From Theory to Practice”, which will bring together all the knowledge and material needed to develop and implement youth sport programmes in a structured way in communities dealing with the integration of migrants and refugees.

The project will also develop an in-service training programme to ensure that training is available for social workers, youth workers, and coaches to successfully implement in their communities the curriculum that has been developed.

Finally, because we want this project to have a systemic impact, a Policy Paper will be developed to present to key stakeholders and policymakers the project, the materials developed and the conclusions reached, in order to kickstart the implementation of the work developed in their communities.

Project Number: 2021-1-CY02-KA220-YOU-000029186 Coordinator: JDIONE (CYPRUS)