Youth Step Out

Through this project, it is aimed to eradicate the“labels” of stereotypes with the aim that they will not affect their lives, impacting their decisions about education, careers or relationships. The project is especially focused on the life of young people from rural areas, for this reason, the project will be implemented in a rural area of London at the Tring, Hertfordshire. The aims of the project are focused to reduce the stereotypes which exist among young people between rural and urban areas, by gathering young people from various backgrounds and nationalities, to collaborate together by living for 8 days in a rural area of London, sharing their ideas and knowledge to bring life to the rural areas by designing a project to empower young people.

“Youth step out” project will help young people to get out of the cage, defeat negative feelings or fears and recognised for their impact on the society, allowing young people to have healthy relationships with each other. These relationships lead to the creation of the structure that supports diversity among young people by establishing safe and supportive environments.
The objectives for the youth exchange are:
1. Embracing youth ideas related to the development of rural areas
2. Strengthening tolerance values and respect for diversity among young people
3. Understand the causes of stereotypes in young people lives.
4. Explore methods to address the difficulties and challenges of the community by using critical thinking and successful models.
5. Create a network of active young people who live in rural areas.

The Project objectives links to the Erasmus+ and Youth objectives and priorities by growing and learning through mobility, providing opportunities for young people. The participants will be able to understand the difficulties disadvantaged groups face and to share their ideas related to the way of advocating to reduce stereotypes.

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Coordinator : KAS (UK)



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