Youth Work for Solidarity and Diversity

In recent years, the major issue in Europe and all over the world is illegal migration and the aim is to prevent this. Besides tolerance showed the refugees and and the economic and social rights given to them caused increase in this number and immigration in an economic purpose by using this way.

With the historical process although the law of common immigrant policy in European Union has come into operation since June 2015, there are still significant differences in the immigration policies of European Union countries. While these difference reveal different practices and solution focus, how much functional of this focus is disputable.

Regarding the current presidency in the European Union where one of our priorities are sustainable migration and asylum policies we consider as important aim to deal with the issue of refugees and provide international overview to our participants.

The young people’s knowledge about refugees’ problem in European countries is limited.To be obliged to live isolated from the society and have problem in integration reveal this lack of communication. We considered to write this project to make the young people understand the European Union policies about refugees, to know the regulations in the country and also to provide an environment them to develop themselves.

Refugees and asylum seekers don’t benefit from the fundamental human rights on time and accurately. Not being known which services the refugees can benefit by the public and local administration is the reason of this.Also, the people working in state institutions and organizations don’t have enough information about which procedurs should be performed to the refugees so this causes confusion. It can be said that there are perception difference and lack of information.

As long as the refugees and asylum seekers live together with society, they will have trouble in integration with society. The reason is that the society’s awareness level is not enough and there are various prejudices and false informations.

Also, cultural differences have abig role,too. We included various activities to our project to exceed this concept chaos, to make people conscious in terms of involving the refugees and asylum seekers into the society.We regretfully witness that nowadays there are big prejudices against refugees in Europe and racist attitude is increasing.

We formed our project to make the European people declare their thoughts about how we can exceed this refugee problem and to be volunteer for the world peace by looking these problems’ reasons. At the same time,we will
gain discussion opportunity in the functional of mentioned policies and precautions thanks to our project.

Project Number: 2021-2-DE04-KA153-YOU-000038517 Coordinator: JUBUK (GERMANY)